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[Movie Review] The Incredible Hulk


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I watched the movie on Saturday after giving up trying to convince my buddies to watch the Happening. This was right after we had seen a couple of Euro 2008 matches and we were all a little toasted ;)

Anyhoo, the movie deviates significantly from the first in terms of how he became who he did, how the people in his life were involved and so forth. We also see cameos from Lou Ferigno and Stan Lee, and Lou is also the voice of the Hulk.

The movie deep-dives right in with some interesting though mostly pointless scenes in a foreign country. There are some chases and the Hulk is seen in various guises and so forth. Suffice to say the plot is thin at best.

Does this matter though? Fortunately not. There is enough mayhem and commotion and lots of pretty explosions to keep us going and that helps in moving out mind from a story-driven movie to us watching Ed Norton turn green and blow stuff up.

The antagonist is built-up with little subetelity and the overall character development for Liv Tyler's character is ridiculously laughable at best. She is completely wasted in her role.

Sorry for the sketchy reporting on this review, it's just that there really isn't much to talk about. Compared to Iron Man, which was fun, witty and full of great moments and development and the like, this movie is a lot more empty BUT a lot of brilliant touches like the backpack, the wistful theme music and flashes of clips from old series involving the original David Banner definitely come into play.

3.5/5 OSNN stars. No classic but it'll keep you moving along on an adrenaline rush.


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did they not show her pouting lips?
Yes they did and they are glorious. :speechless: ;)

Yeah the movie was a bit on the storyline-less side but the action was good. Banner running around in a foreign country weren't necessarily pointless scenes. He had been hiding and it is the way the first movie ended (in a foreign country). It did push the movie to his being found out and the rest of the movie. It was a starting point anyway. When you do get up close views of the Hulk he/it looks more like he's really there (real) than CGI, well a lot more than in the first movie. The ending was OK but not great. scenes on the roof were good and the "flame out" was a classic move. Plus as to him getting whooped on and then... well remember, the madder he gets the strong he gets. There was that irony on the Helo with the General. The bar scene at the end of the movie was very interesting. A team??? Of what... Who??? Serious food for thought.

For the good action but not so good story line, I give it 3 1/2 OSNN stars.


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The reason I say pointless is because they spend a little bit of time with character development, more so than other parts of the movie and then poof, all connections are forgotten about. If you want to keep a brisk pace, why fudge with it? It seemed out of place.

I am interested to find out what parts were cut out that Ed Norton wanted because the movie felt like it was definitely missing pieces.

Also, the last scene is a build-up of the end of the Iron Man movie.


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Yeah ... I want to see the "Edward Norton" cut. I thought he was terrific, the plot was weak, there's a dangling thread I'm wondering if they forgot or will resurrect, and didn't think Liv was at her best. Lots of excitement, but the last scene was among the best. Which is kinda too bad.
I'm not sure if it justifies as a spoiler, but I'll put it in tags as it might be rubbish.

But as far as I can surmise, they're making the Captain America film in like 2011, then they'll form the Avenger and do a few movies - which did include the Hulk, Iron man.. yada yada, as far as I remember.... so that'd be the "Team" he's putting together.

Mr Blue, I believe, will become that evil guy with the massive brain.. can't remember the name, but it'd definitely make sense if they're going to continue the story line this way


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Hello there,
The movie was Ok and they have improved the graphics from the first part. The heroine has been wasted with that role. I would give 3.5/5 for this movie,

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