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27 Dec 2001
Martin Scorsese delivers another gritty film for us to enjoy. The cast is outstanding -- Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Leonardo Dicaprio, Martin Sheen, Mark Wahlberg -- and I haven't seen Alec Baldwin with as good a performance since Glenngary Glenn Ross.

The characters, story and dialogue are all superb, and there is no holding back on the violence. It's well worth the 2.5 hours and the price of admission. It would probably we worth it just to see Nicholson in his role.

5/5 OSNN Stars (and I don't give that often)
I really want to see this, glad you liked it so much :D
Completely agree Muzi. Going again tonight, its superb!
Yep, I agree too. Great film, can't really fault anyone in it or any aspect of it. Nice to see Scorsese back on track again, not that he went that far from it really :)
I've been waiting for this to come out. I'll try to watch it this weekend and post back :)
Been a while since I posted a review ;)

The Departed is a punch-you-in-the-gut type of movie, realistic and IN YOUR FACE.

That is what makes it succeed. There are obviously flaws, but no movie is perfect. However the sheer quality of the acting in this movie defies logic. Every single one of the key players just stands out head and shoulders over 99% of the crap that hollywood produces. This is the genius of Martin Scorcese.

Jack Nicholson and Leonardo Di Caprio are the shining lights of the movie, very ably supported by Sheen, Wahlberg, Damon and (yes I know) Baldwin.

With all due respect to Nicholson, Di Caprio stole the show. His talent is unbelievable.

The pacing of the movie was solid, no real dead spots. The dialogue was remarkable and the score, spectacular (did anyone remember the music? exactly, it just made everything flow and come together).

Some may disagree with the ending but it follows perfectly from the beginning, with so many different chapters opening and, as with any good story, being closed at the end, one by one.

There is so little to say about the movie w/o giving it away, so I'll wait till others watch it.

It is a highly recommended movie.

4.5/5 OSNN stars.
sazar, your review is glowing, where did it loose a srar?

Yeah, I have a hard time giving a full 5 of 5, but I just had to for this one. The next day I went out and rented Casino -- was in the mood for some more Scorsese and I'd never seen it before. Casino is also an incredible movie and I highly recommend it.
I've never given a movie 5/5 :)

I have yet to be so blown away by anything I have seen that I would give it 5/5.

Seven Samurai was the closest.
Yeah, liberals seem to like this kind of movie..........I'm just kidding. The movie was really good.
Sorry to dig this thread up, but I just saw this movie tonight on DVD. Must say I'm pretty impressed, the acting was incredible and the story kept you thinking. Not a big fan of the end, wished things had turned out differently, but I guess thats the way it goes. Incredible performance, if not a tad violent.
A tad?
More headshots in there than when I play Counter-strike with an upside-down trackball.
And you are compalining because?

It was a great movie, violence is what helped make it so great :)
The Departed 2 isn't going to the same as the Jap version apparently, which is also apparently a shame as its also supposed to be good.

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