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[Movie Review] The Da Vinci Code


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Well I went to see it around noon. I will say if you have read the book it will leave you thinking, why did they leave that out, and why did they show it like that? Now if you have not read the book it will be a bit long winded. It moves a bit like the book with the occasional bits of action and suspense. The scenes and scenery are plesant but sometimes odd. The characters are well played but at times a couple of them looked a bit one dimensional. Also for those that have not read the book, it will leave you thinking quite a bit as to the whole idea that the movie shows you. It's not bad but in my opinion it didn't do the book as much justice as it deserves. All in all an O.K. movie, you might want to see it twice for the simple reason of if you missed anything the first time (this, for the non-readers :p).

I give it 3 1/2 OSNN stars out of 5.
Re: The Da Vinci Code: Review

Was going to go for the opening screening. Had a project deadline, so I'm going tomorrow afternoon instead.
Some of my friends watched it and they said that while it's not exceptionally good (as it could have been), it's certainly not as bad as the critics made it out to be.


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Re: The Da Vinci Code: Review

I posted about it in the other thread, but I saw and liked it :)

I don't have some of the background as I haven't read the book, but I thought the story and movie really kept your attention :)


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Re: The Da Vinci Code: Review

It was extremely okay. There were places where it followed the book too well and other places that meandered away from the book. I hated lots of the dialogue and it was HEAVY on exposition, like towards the begining when the DCP approach Langdon, the first thing the officer says is "I'm with the DCP, the French version of the FBI". Why say it like that? You show me a badge and say you're with an organization thats all you should need to hear.

I also didn't like some of the choices they made for visuals, lots of it looked like "A Beautful Mind". Like when Langdon is thinking, we see things flying through the air around him and stuff getting spot shadowed on the walls. That's cheap story telling there. Another thing, I swear when they showed the seige on the holy land during that flashback it looked like they lifted it right out of the seige on Minas Tirith from Return of the King. I guess I didn't expect too much so I was pleasantly surprised. I'd say 3 outta 5 is a pretty good score.


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Davinci's code ???????

Has anyone a review for this movie and explain to me why some people are against te thriller ???????


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i read the book an yes i agree i was actually quite annoyed by how they butched the film it was like what they do to any thing that actually is decent they cut it up an make money off of it no matter how bad it destroys a work of art ...

we are too busy moving forward with out taking time to see what we are passing up ...

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