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12 Apr 2002
After the travesty that was Terminator 3, I had high hopes for Terminator Salvation. Would it be the salvation of the franchise or another cheesy rip-off looking to make a quick buck?

Would the movie live up to the levels of previous "reboots" like Batman Begins and quality movies like Iron Man from years past or would be it be an abysmal pile of turd like X-Men 3 or X-Men Wolverine?

I am usually not a big fan of previews that show most of the storyline so while I appreciated the teasers, the full previews were not so good as they seemed to show way too much.

Well, the movie starts of with a long credits sequence and then settles into relatively non-stop action scenes and montages. Like Superman Returns and Star Trek, there are a LOT of "oh snap, that's from the previous movies" moments. In fact, much like Terminator 2, the story keeps building and continuously makes references to the original classic that we all grew to love.

There are a couple of moments near the end which they could have done without but the overall character development, the homage moments and the role of Christian Bale's John Connor are very well fleshed out. There are few dead moments and, unlike Terminator 3, the classic theme music is relatively prevalent during key moments, just like in the original and Terminator 2.

It's not the same kind of movie as Iron Man, which was fun-loving, or Star Trek, which had a lot of in-jokes. The movie is definitely more serious but, it's not quite as dark as Dark Knight. Personally, I wish it was, but I guess they are trying to appeal to a wider audience.

4/5 OSNN stars for the homage moments, acting and overall story/fun factor. It could have been better but, it stands on it's own merits.

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24 Jan 2002
4/5 OSNN stars for the homage moments, acting and overall story/fun factor. It could have been better but, it stands on it's own merits.
thanx for the review, now putting it on my calendar

I was thinking a GREAT concept for either star trek or terminator, would be to tie the terminators, the cylons from galactica, and nomad to the borg

I think that would make one good concept if the franchises could get together to work it out

thanx for the revue saz
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Not Bman

I just got back from seeing the movie.

I have always been a fan of the movies, of course like most people the first 2 more then the third. I also watched the new show. I know all there is about it, so I would call myself a fan.

The good comic/classic/book movies out there today (dark knight, watchmen, iron man) are mostly good because they are dark, how they were all originally written. Now I found this movie to be much darker then what I think Sazar has found it to be, I think it was perfect.

I can't say much about the story without wrecking it for everyone else, but it was well done and was what I was hoping for. Of course there are many plot changes, but I think how they did it went well, and can be appreciated. Christian Bale did an amazing job, so did the actor who played Kyle Reese and the actor who played the skin job.

There were 2 parts in the movie that gave some awesome shout outs to the classic movies, if you seen the movie you know what I am talking about, I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't. The artistic view, camera work (specially the one part with John Conner and the helicopter) was all amazing, some of the best looking images I have ever seen in a movie. It was just my taste, and perfect for the story.

Overall, action, story, design, fun, interest and all the rest of the things, it was one of the best movies I have seen all year and was way over my expectations. Yes, it could have been better, but everything can be better. It is a must see.


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10 Aug 2007

I saw the movie last night and was very disappointed. It was much lighter on plot than any of the predecessors and I thought wasted some stellar actors. They eye candy was great, tho.

I found myself thinking (more than once) ... oh, they're wasting time on this action scene ... I hope they leave enough to tell what's going on. It really was more like a video or arcade game than a story with a ... well, something to tell, or a point to make.

Production was the highest quality and as I said, eye candy abounded (for both genders) but no memorable lines or meaty plot or character development in sight.

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