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    I'm kind of surprised a review thread hadn't been started already, but here we go. It'll be rather short as 1. I haven't really written movie reviews before and 2. I had come down with an ear infection which has infected both the ear drum and kanal, been switched through several anti-biotics, and today they put me on what they described as the "big gun" and am feeling a bit bleh

    Anyhow, I went to see this last Sunday. The movie is pretty much a comedy which pokes fun at both the terrorists and also the American side of things, as well as the Actors Guild variously refered to as F.A.G.

    For instance, towards the beginning of the movie, Team America comes in to deal with some terrorists, who are holding a brief case containing a bomb. They go to shoot the terrorists with "hey terrorist scum, terrorize this". In the process they end up topling the Iffle tower, causing it to crash into other buildings and what not, causing massive damage. But it's written off as OK because "we got the terrorists". The French weren't pleased...

    Back at HQ, after they brought an actor in who was doing a gig, finding they didn't quite get the terrorists; speaking to a computer/AI called Intelligence "very, very bad Intelligence. In reply "I'm sorry, oh I'm getting a signal.

    As it turns out, the leader of North Korea (who turns out to be an alien who took over the guy's body) is the real culprit behind the attacks and lauging at Team America for fighting in vain yet again, while never suspecting he's the master mind. He also ends up getting angry at the Arab terrorists for wasting the WMD he keeps providing them with, before he gives the signal for his own plans.

    In going after the next group (not North Korea however) they up making a mess in Egypt which includes blowing up the pyramid at Giza and knocking the head off the Sphynx with another explosive gone awry.

    In the end, the Actors Guild, variously refered to as F.A.G. decides to hold a peace conference to force politicians to start doing things there way, and unwittingly joins forces with the head of North Korea who plans on blowing up the peace conference he helped arrange (through them) to bring about an age of complete anarchy. It rests on the actor Team America brought in to save the day after the team has pretty much been oblitterated, or captured. A few lines/songs I'll leave out of the mention and leave for the viewer to find out. I'm not sure how it would go with the mods ;)

    For sheer humor, I would give it 4 out of 5 OSNN stars. Highly recommended if one's looking for a good laugh (and can laugh at such political humor, without taking it all too seriously).
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    I heard they had to take out a sex scene just to make the movie get the R rating...and this is a movie with puppets! I might check it out :D
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    They had to trim a lot out of the sex scene, but its still there apparently
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    If you mean the one between the actor and the female agent...yeah that sex scene is there. They might have trimed that one down, or there might have been another one. There was alluding to another sex scene where the actor went to prove his loyalty by giving the head of Team America a blow job :eek: