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A lot has been said about this movie and the potential controversy that surrounds it.

I didn't actual see much by way of controversy but it really depends on ones own beliefs and their separation of reality from fiction.

The movie itself, to be honest, disappointed me. The pacing was fine and the cinematograpy and music were good but the script was loose. It seemed almost like it was trying too hard.

The characters were well developed but even then, they were not fleshed out completely. Matt Damon and George Clooney's characters for example, so much more could have been made of them but they were left almost unfinished.

Further, characters were introduced who we never really got to learn much about. I know that we are supposed to fill in the blanks but some of the blanks were ludicrous.

This is a tale of morality and I am not sure I am happy with the final message but everyone is likely to take something different from it.

3.5/5 OSNN stars, it could have been so much more than it was.


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I'd have to agree with you for the most part, Sazar.

Syriana, as a film, had many things in common with Traffic (same writer), but Syriana did seem to try harder. It didn't necessarily affect the flow, but it did take away from the viewing experience a bit.

I also agree that some of the major characters were not explored enough. It was difficult to have concern for Clooney's character because I didn't feel like I had invested in who he was. Traffic did a better job of getting the audience emotionally involved in the major characters.

I did like the way the conflicting storylines were presented in that it showed the extremes to which each side would go for their cause.

In regards to the "controversy" ... I didn't like the way it portrayed American politics, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't accurate to some large (or small) degree. I can understand why some people would label it controversial.

4/5 OSNN Stars

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Sazar said:

Are our reviews not fulfilling enough for you?

Meh, your reviews have tended to be rather thorough. :up: About the only thing that wasn't included was a plot summary, and even there including it could result in some calling for spoiler tags.

/me remembers to hunt down trailer links for now on, just in case :)


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There was a plot to Syriana? Don't get me wrong, I loved it but seriously.... It was 3 or 4 stories sharing the same movie. Awesome acting, especially Jeffrey Wright as Bennett Holiday. That guy has never given a bad performance, remember him as Joe Peoples in Shaft? What about as the aspiring private eye in Broken Flowers? Just an amazing actor. George Clooney was great, Matt Damon was good (how much for my other son?) And the dude who played Prince Nasir was good too. Funny thing about that guy if you look at his IMDB profile
you'll see he played a guy named Nasir 3 time in the last few years.

The odd way the story goes together is much the same as Traffic, like Muzi said same writer but now he's also directing. I really like his style, the visuals were well done but than again is it even possible to make palaces look bad? I'd give it 4/5 OSNN Stars. It'll probably be in my top 5 for the year.

Speaking of top 5.... Anyone besides me interested in posting their favs for the year. I think that would be a great discussion.


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BouncingSoul said:
Speaking of top 5.... Anyone besides me interested in posting their favs for the year. I think that would be a great discussion.
Sure. Start a new thread ... Your Top 5 Films of 2005 (or something like that).

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