[Movie Review] Shoot Em Up

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by BouncingSoul, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. BouncingSoul

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    WOW. If you get this, you'll love it. It not, you'll think its the worst piece of garbage ever! Basically Shoot Em Up is every action movie, good or bad, rolled into one and crammed into 80 minutes. The story is irrelevant. It's a complex tail of the wrong guy being in the wrong place at the wrong time .... Much like all action movies. It has some outlandish action sequences, things that will make The Transporter look like high art. But its all VERY tongue in cheek, it doesn't take itself seriously at all, and that is part of its charm.
    I'm going to give it one star for ever death directly caused by a carrot, and another one for being so entertaining.

    4 out of 5 OSNN Stars.
  2. kcnychief

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    I'd like to see this on DVD - no budget for movie tickets anymore :(

    I heard it is very good though, glad you liked it. I think it was said to be the best action move since Sin City which I loved!
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    I LOVED this movie. It has exactly the right amounts of kitsch to keep it moving along :D

    And the acting is great along with over-the-top action, lines and bravado.
  4. Aprox

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    Awesome, I will have to check this out. Is this the one with Clive Owen? If its being compared to Sin City then it will absolutely kick ass... which ironically Clive was in as well. Ya know, he is actually a really cool actor... he needs to do more. You guys see Children of Men?