[Movie Review] Shaun Of The Dead


Smokin & Jokin
13 Nov 2002
Just been out to see this film with the misses.
Its a "Dawn Of The Dead" parody set and filmed in the UK.
I can honestly say you would be mad to miss this one,
had me laughing all the way to the end!!

5/5 OSNN Stars ***** :p
Looks pretty funny :)
When I first saw the mini-poster I thought it was one of those piss-take posters that promoted a different kind of film :D
watched the flick last night with the lass :)

reminded me a fair deal in some of the cinematography of the work done in lock/stock 2 smokin barrels and Snatch...

the cut/paste effects were very to the point and prominent in the beginning and do add a little extra to the humorous effect...

the story is very linear and un-complicated... and the really kewl thing is how almost everything that is discussed, described or shown in the film @ the beginning has relevance as the rest of the movie unfolds :)

dialogue is very effective IMO... regular everyday language with a sprinklin of curses (very liberally disperrsed throughout the movie)

teh funneh factor is rather high @ the beginning and maintains itself through the middle but then drops off steadily... there are some spikes here and there but it becomes far less funny as it progresses (though still amusing)

the thing that kept it ticking for me was Shaun (lead character) and the various tie-ins with the discussions/descriptions and things shown @ the beginning... I kept saying to myself "oh yah... that was there before" or something like that :cool:

all in all a decent flick for a mindless outting to pay homage to the pop-corn gods :D


3.5/5 OSNN stars
Waiting for this to come out on DVD, isn't too long now I don't think, (6th September)
Looks pretty funny.


More of a brit comedy I think, wouldn't have thought people over there would ge tit (kind of office humour) but we shall see, cos I haven't even seen it yet :)
The main guy was in "Spaced" and was quality.
It is very funny...fave bit near the start where they find the zombie girl in their back garden! I will say no more! hehe.
i saw it about 2 months ago and thought it was great. very funny and very clever.
Teddy: yeah, that bit was on some of the trailers... looked well funny :)
very very funny. Saw it a few months ago at the cinema. Just genius. Anyone who likes this should watch Simon Pegg's series "Spaced" (if haven't already) and vice versa
There is possibility of a sequel in the works. The name of it? "From Dusk Till Shaun" :D (seriously)
Woohoo, out today, will be investing in a copy when I finish work :D
Yeah, thats in the trailer tho :s
DVD has wicked extras.

Shame they didn't get Brian from Spaced in there :s
Is it out already? Hmm, must not be following a Friday release schedule. (OK, all movies have not, though most listed on some of the sites to check movie schedules online, list as such).

I'll probably go see in a coupla days when I have a free night.
helps to have british friends :)

you keep forgetting my room-mate in tampa was english :D

he had all the excellent british movies on dvd... lock/stock 2 smokin barrels... snatch... the standup routines of eddie izzard... the underworld Live concert dvd... black adder... I mean the whole gammut basically...
Spaced? (Season 1+2 box set it available)
Amazing how much of the cast are from it - inc. the 2 main characters.
dun think he had that... had red dwarf though :D
make an effort to get it :)
As if by some extraordinary co-incidence it is being rereleased this month.

Has this crazy irish bloke, who also make a cameo as a zombie outside the pub, he is such a clubbing nutta and still waiting for various effects to wear off that he starts dancing to telephones and kettles. weee.

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