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[Movie Review] Public Enemies


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
Got to see Public Enemies tonight in a prescreening of the movie and I kind of wish I had gone and seen Ice Age instead.

First off let me say, if you are looking for an action movie with little story behind the guns this movie isn't for you. Sure there are a good few 30 second gun fights with bullets everywhere, but other than that. not much action.

That said, the movie was good but not great. It was a depressing movie, kind of the way "BLOW" went, where you see a guy on top of the world slowly and surely get broken apart. It is a true story so there wasn't much the writers could do to change all that.

Johnny Depp and Christian Bale both did excellent jobs playing there parts, they were very enthusiastic although you do see that cold hearted character Christian Bale plays in most of his movies; the character that is all good and can't be bought (He does what he can to do the best good).

I really can't review this much more, there isn't all that much to this movie. It is what it is a chronicle of a man (John Dillinger) not so much his heists, but his personal struggles and the loss of his crew members.

The bottom line, if you want to see the story you already know told in movie form. If you want to see how good of a bank robber John Dillinger was in depth, don't bother (they really don't focus on that part of the movie) as I said, this is about the man and his struggles within and those around him more than anything else.


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
i want to see this but from your review, I'll wait for the blu-ray
I mean you could see this still it wasn't bad it just wasn't great no a movie I'd see twice, or pay 10.25 to see, but I see em for free, soo. then again, this isn't a movie where the big sreen is necessary so you might as well wait lol :p

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