[Movie Review] Memoirs Of A Geisha

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There are 3 movies I was thinking I might go see this week. This one, Fun with Dick and Jane which looks to be a comedy, and after having checked a movie trailer after Saz's inquirery (hadn't previously heard) Munich.

Anyhow, the last isn't conveniently playing here in Albuq., and a trip to Santa Fe (about a 1-1.5 hour drive 1 way) I didn't feel up to last night, and when I left dinner the second movie had already begun 20 minutes earlier...

Anyhow, (and forgive me for not being the best with reviews), from some previews this movie looked to be interesting. One note however, the movie's 2.75 hour movie, so plan your schedule accordingly. As can be imagined from the above, the pacing is a little slower then some movies, as Memoirs tends to go into a fair amount of detail covering the person's life, from the time she's sold into slavery at 9 years old following her mother's death, up through her eventual success, and then her downfall both in the events of WWII, and her being setup by a former friend turned rival in the post WWII Japanese reconstruction...

Not much more I can say without giving the plot away... About 4/5 OSNN stars

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