[Movie Review] Man on Fire


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Watched this last night with the lass :)

was a good flick imo... denzel did a very good job in this movie..

it is predictable and it is gory @ time (much in common with payback as a matter of fact) but overall the movie does contain some good scenes...

I take it it is loosely based on something that happened in real life... not too sure about this though :) just seemed implied.. repeatedly...

can't discuss much about the movie w/o giving away plot details but it is an action movie... run and gun type after the 1st half (which is pretty good character development and lays the pieces for the rest of the movie to swoop down on)

there are plot holes and flaws all over in this movie but after watching the catastrophe that was Lara Croft : Circle of life (aka pile of steaming horse-crud)... this movie was a god-send

I'd rate it 3.5/5 OSNN stars...

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Yes, it was based on real events as I remember. I think I commented about this one, some time back...when we were discussing such type events...


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it's a remake, Scott Glenn starred in the original and Danny Aiello played one of the kidnappers. Bonus points if you can name the country the original was set in.


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Man on Fire

OK. I know this movie hit the theaters quite some time ago. I also know it's been out on DVD for some time too... I just saw it again on HBO tonight. First off, if you haven't seen this movie, you have to!

What an amazing movie this is. The real question though, why didn't Denzel Washington win awards for this movie? It's one of the greatest performances I have ever seen. If you have seen this movie then you know what I mean. Denzel's last couple movies have been amazing. The Manchurian Candidate, Out of Time, Antwone Fisher, John Q, Training Day.. all the way back to Fallen and even Glory.

I like to think of myself as a pretty tough guy. I have dealt with some real drama in my life and sometimes I can be a little "uncaring" because of it. But I have to be honest when I say, this movie made me cry. I hate to admit that. The ending is so sad.

Any of you feel the same about this movie? Different?
Re: Man on Fire

Yes it is a very good movie denzel and dakota's acting was brilliant as for not winning an oscar who knows but this movie should of at least bin nominated!


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Re: Man on Fire

I have to agree. I have yet to be disappointed by a Denzel performance. Training Day is one of my favorites and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet seen it.


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thread's merged and renamed... please make sure when creating a new thread on a movie to name it properly, makes it easier to identify :)

the movie was predictable and stumbled around a fair deal... denzel's character, while well played, was hardly a stellar role...

and in 2004 there were far better movies out with far better performances...

denzel himself had a role in the Manchurian candidate... did he do a better job in that than in Man on fire? debatable but neither can really be considered oscar worthy simply because the movie's were flawed, and the character/character development was flawed...

it was good undoubtedly compared to others, as my mini-review will state, but it was not up there with other movies and performances


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I got it on DVD a couple days ago, really enjoyed it. BTW if you have the special edition then watch the alternate ending, imo they should have gone with the alternate, its what I was predicting the ending would have been like

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