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[Movie Review] Lara Croft - Cradle of life


F@H - Is it in you?
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or... as i prefer to call it... Pile of steaming horse crud (the censors on the boards prevent me from being more creative :cool: )

watch @ your own peril... what possible reason anyone coulda had to watch this travesty is beyond me... and the most amazing thing is that the crappy ticket sales were blamed on Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness not selling well...

whatever... this movie probably dragged the entire Tomb Raider franchise into horse manure by itself...

it is absolutely PATHETIC in every respect.. dialogue is sad... acting is worse than what I witnessed in 3rd grade... the action is contrived and blatantly b.s.

the only thing not utterly garbage about this movie is the landscapes... even the music is not that great... downright aweful in many spots...

watch @ your own peril and keep a nice/shiny and very sharp stake handy to drive through your skull when you've finished watching this...


0/5 OSNN stars...


F@H - Is it in you?
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I was so pissed @ having wasted 2 hrs of my life i didn't even notice the typo :)


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Gutting, cos these films could have been ace. the first game was big part of my youth and the plot blew me away (i was only 13 or sommat)

but yeah...what a waste of a good idea


F@H - Is it in you?
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o_87 said:
Yeah, why would you watch this anyway? The first one blew, this one was obviously going to blow x2.
the first one is an oscar candidate... a dr zhivago compared to this crap...

I watched it coz I play TR games and was like well... how bad can it be... I really shoulda known better...

my gf fell asleep within the first 10 mins after groaning in agony bout the on-screen hack-job for the whole time...

the first one i woulda probably rated around a 2 or so on the scale... but this one is a big fat stinkin 0... if we do negative scores I would notch it up quite high on the negative side but for the sake of consistency I'll control myself and a log a 0 :cool:

pure agony this movie...


I'm sorry Hal...
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I quite enjoyed the film to be honest (i thought the first one was excellent). Wasn't great by any means but was enjoyable for me

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