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[Movie Review] Into the Blue


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The premise of this movie cannot be derived by the previews so leave any notions of what this movie is about at the door (or before you pop the dvd in).

The movie starts off and lays its ground work in a rather solid way, surprisingly and the acting by paul walker is actually not that bad consdering his last couple of (very bad) performances.

Jessica Alba also does an admirable job in this movie.

The other characters and the story, which meanders from one missive to the next and the next after that, keep the movie going rather smoothly.

So it sounds like it will be a good flick right?

Well not quite, its a good movie but the tempo is stilted and some of the "mis-directions" that are introduced are ludicrous and not necessary.

The music and the scenery is excellent but the last quarter of the movie lurches from one unbelievable situation to the next, all while intermingling some not so bad story-telling.

Its worth watching IMO if just for the under-water scenery and Alba in a bikini basically the whole movie.

3/5 OSNN stars. Not exactly crap, but far from gold.


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that's funny, I was rented it and was about to watch it. It wasent my choice, looked crappy to me. I guess I'll go watch it for the sake of it.

Thanks, nice review.
I was quite impressed with parts of it. All the divers looked to have at least passed their Open water diving qualification, it might have been an idea for them to have done their Advanced open water with a recovery speciality as they did a few bits wrong with their lift bags ;) :p


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Electronic Punk said:
It is worth watching just for Jessica Alba :D
I personally don't think she's particularly pretty, and not really my cup of tea, but in Sin City she was mind-blowingly sexy :) . Must have been something to do with the pole-dancing and cowboy hat!
ray_gillespie said:
I personally don't think she's particularly pretty, and not really my cup of tea
I normally dont really like her, there was one shot of her swimming back up to the surface after a free-dive. The angle, the shot everything just fell into place and she looked sooo damn fine.
She looks good. But nothing to really rave about in my books. Although, the pole dancing was hot... And she does look good in a bikini...

What were we talking about again?

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