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(movie review) House of Wax[spoilers]

this movie is okay...not really scary at all. I give it 2.5 stars out of 4

Acting was really bad. Paris Hilton basically played herself (a skanky hoe). hehe. When she died everyone in the audience was clapping. She wasn't believable at all. But Elisha Culhert (sp) did really good. She's a good actress, i was just waiting for her to say "I'm all wet, can I come in?" well movie buffs would know what im talking about.

Anyway this remake is a lot different from the original but I definitely think you should go see it if you have free time. If this one does good then possibly a sequel (hence the un-concluded ending)

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
I had seen it already, so didn't effect me one way or the other. But going in, I didn't know who would die and who would survive...
I also didn't know the people in the church were wax, and the guy at the gas station was the one from the night before who had his headlight knocked out.

One might have thought it was known, but if everyone clamors for spoiler tags, or one is in doubt, it's good to add them the second day a movie is showing, or so...

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