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[Movie Review]"Hero" aka Ying xiong


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I just watched this movie... I have a friend who had a subtitled version of this movie and I must say I am very fortunate to have witnessed this masterpiece..

the acting is top notch and the storyline and the underlying meaning of the movie will touch you @ the end...

undoubtedly there are many scenes of martial arts a la crouching tiger/hidden dragon but not quite as stylized and over-the-top... and they all have a sense of belonging within the story-line...

the characters are brilliantly fleshed out, telling more would give away parts of the story which is the main high-light of this film... it keeps things flowing along smoothly till the end...

I have not seen many chinese movies... not more than perhaps 10 but this is the best I have witnessed... crouching tiger was a good movie too but to me this movie just means more because ALL the characters were well fleshed out.. in crouching tiger other than the 3 main characters everyone else was redundant... here there are more central characters and each one holds their own...

when quentin tarantino brings this movie to the states I highly recommend those of you who wish to be entertained and have your thoughts provoked to give this movie a dekko...

highly recommended...

4.5/5 OSNN stars...


I'm sorry Hal...
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I've been wanting to see the movie on DVD for aaaggees, but theres so many versions out there from various regions and countries. Its hard to know which ones best


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the trailer does not do the film justice and it leads the potential viewer in a different angle from what the movie is really about... not much but enough to cause the actual experience to be a joy..

and now i have hyped it up so much everyone will be disappointed when they watch the movie..


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I saw the movie while living in the Philippines. It was a great movie. Probably one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen.


Yah this movie is really nicely done, it came out about 2 years ago in asia. If you like artistic movies and fight scenes, definately a must watch.


F@H - Is it in you?
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the movie will likely be opening in a coupla weeks, at least in limited release...

once again... those who have not seen it I recommend this movie highly...

I have never given a 5/5 rating to my knowledge and am unlikely to unless something REALLY blows me away... but if it does it has to surpass this classic by leaps and bounds...

there are so many layers of depth to this movie it is astounding.. and yet it is so simple :)

do not go in expecting just another martial arts movie please... it is similar to crouching tiger/hidden dragon wrt stylized/artistic martial arts related "violence" but everything has a purpose in this movie :cool:

be patient with the movie and you will be duly rewarded and left thinking @ the end about many things :)


It looks fantastic but I wouldnt want to see it in the theaters. So much going on in it so I dont want to miss a thing. Definately a DVD must... when released.


F@H - Is it in you?
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I dunno...

admittedly the dvd will have higher quality but the theaters will be able to show the magnificent scope of the vista's used for the backdrop for each element of the story...

it is going to be difficult to match the scope of the visuals seen on a massive theater screen with a smaller television screen (unless you happen to own a massive 50 or 60 inch tele :D )

Son Goku

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The problem will be finding it... I searched. It isn't around here, at all. I checked my own zip back in Albuq, and same thing. It's playing in 1 theater in New York City, though not even in Boston. You might have trouble locating a theater... Perhaps the distribution will increase in a week or so; dunno.

Son Goku

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BTW, the release date at fandango.com is listed as August 20...but when I was watching Star Gate tonight, they gave a mention to it playing everywhere August 27...


F@H - Is it in you?
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It is playing on Spike's week of kung-fu movies and I just finished watching it again. It loses something in translation (prefer the subtitled version) but the brilliance of the movie still shines through :)

If you have not watched it, please do so. Great classic. And, it is not simply a kung-fu flick, even if it does have Jet Li in it (in his best role to date, IMO).

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