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[Movie Review] Gone Baby Gone


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I'm not sure this film will be very successful as a watch-at-home activity. If I hadn't been in the theater, I might have wandered off during one of the slower moments (of which there were many) and missed some crucial detail that provided context for one of the less dull moments.

Both Movie Buddy and myself agreed that "we didn't see THAT coming" and the story had a few twists and turns ... if you think you know what it's about by watching the trailers, you don't.

Casey Affleck was very good. Love that Baastun accent. The city itself was actually one of the better characters in the film.

But I kept getting the feeling that everyone except Casey was overacting a bit. Which surprised me, since so many of them are experienced veterans. I don't really know the extent to which a director influences such things, but maybe Ben Affleck was pushing for a little more "intensity" than appropriate. I also felt that with a few scenes in which the camera angle was too close or the timing too prolonged.

And if anyone can tell me the POINT of the young woman/sidekick besides eye candy, I'd be grateful.

Interesting story but not tightly told. 2.5/5?

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