[Movie Review] FUTURAMA (Bender's Big Score)


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Well for all you die hard Futurama fans out there, they actually did it. They made a movie. :D This is out on DVD and for all you that got really pissed that FOX canceled them a couple of years back, got rent this DVD and enjoy the wacky stupid fun that is Futurama. A full 90 mins (89 really) of hilarity and the Futurama goofiness that you had come to love and wished for more of.

Oh and for all of you that hated FOX for canceling the show (and still do), you'll love the beginning bit with the humorous :rolleyes: poking at the network.

As Futurama shows go, I give it 3.5 out of 5 OSNN stars. Go out, rent it and enjoy it. Great fun. :)


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Pass the Torgos Executive powder!

I loved it. Really great to see that the show hasn't lost a step in the years it was off air. I highly recommend it to Futurama fans, if you weren't a fan before I doubt you'll be one now. 4/5 OSNN Stars

Oh and on the DVD ... a full episode of Everybody loves Hypnotoad. Now THAT is genius!


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I personally give it 5/5 OSNN stars.


The movie had a lot of great math jokes in it, as well as jokes that only a few people in the population would get. The entire show was based around the premise that everyone got scammed into handing everything they owned to scammers, and really catered to it's hardcore fan group. The entire time travelling alone was a big enough one that it is interesting, and provides something for the brain to chew on, to think about how paradox's would be formed, and whatnot.


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The Comic Book reading (special features) is great. :p

a full episode of Everybody loves Hypnotoad.
...13, 14, 15, 14... Sorry, I'll have to start over. 1, 2, 3, 4... Ooooooh please. :p

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