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[Movie Review] Frost/Nixon


Stranger Than Fiction
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It's awards season people. Time to see what's going to be up for the Oscars.

I wasn't born when Richard Nixon was President. I know the facts, but this movie still presented things I didn't know. I didn't know Nixon gave this interview and I didn't know how said interview was going to play out. Because of this I was riveted to this film. I wonder if people who saw the interviews will feel differently.

At any rate; Frost/Nixon is the film version of a play by the same name. It tells the story of a British talk show host shelling out the money to interview Richard Nixon after the Watergate scandal. The movie is mainly the interview, but also mixes in some behind the scenes parts and delivers the package with a sort of documentary feel to it. The performances are great all around, especially Frank Langella as Nixon. He has the mannerisms down, the voice inflection, everything is spot on.

A fine film, see it when you can.

4/5 OSNN Stars.

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