[Movie Review] Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Electronic Punk

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2 Dec 2001
Very warped, but I definatly enjoyed it... some very cool camera tricks etc.
Also nice to see a film that has a decent ending... ;)
Yeah, i was looking foward to this :) the trailer looks cool, its probably out here in about 10 years :p
Great tune on the trailer...ELO - Mr Blue Sky! Fantastic!
Without giving too much away.

Jim Carrey goes to a doctor who claims he can remove selected memories, he has a bad experience with a girl and then decides to erase her. Then, in his subconcious he decides he doesn't really want to delete her.
It looked very intriguing. I'll have to catch it sometime.
****ing fantastic! :D
The script, the directing the actors :)
I think I'll go see it again next week.
What side of the pond is this movie on? Never heard of it and can't even find a trailer for it :p
Xie said:
What side of the pond is this movie on? Never heard of it and can't even find a trailer for it :p
I'm guessing both sides. Its probably Charlie Kaufmans most commercial movie, but thats not realy saying much :)

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