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[Movie Review] Eastern Promises


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Been awhile since I posted a movie review, so this is a good one to start back with. Eastern Promises is the latest from David Cronenberg and he brings Viggo Mortensen back after working with him on the outstanding A History of Violence. This time Mortensen is part of the Russian mob and he is the definition of bad ass.

There is very little left to the imagination when it comes to the violence -- just about everything is shown in explicit detail. I admit I had to shield part of the screen from my view on a couple of occasions! This has possibly the best fight scene of the year as well -- right alongside the one in Bourne Ultimatum.

Excellent performances from everyone in this one and the plot moved along very smoothly. It's a great "guy movie" that has quite a bit of depth as it examines aspects of the human nature.

4.5/5 OSNN Stars


Stranger Than Fiction
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Great film. Cronenberg gets better and better. Also, who would believe that Viggo can actually act? He was great in this!

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