[Movie Review] Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


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I watched it last night after a lot of head-scratching. Stealth and Must Love Dogs seemed too crap to watch and I finally managed to convince my m8's that Charlie was the way to go and I was glad I did.

The movie is one of the best I have seen all year and it didn't stretch :) In fact, much like war of the worlds, this movie stays relatively true to the original story unlike the previous "version". In fact, dahl's lyrics appear to play a decent part in the songs that break out once in a while during the movie.

Johnny Depp does a wonderful job and the kid from finding neverland also plays a key role. One of the characters who really stands out is Deep Roy. You'll know what I mean when you watch the movie :D

The overall finished product is very well put together and the pacing is brisk. Dead time is a minimum and only appears when necessary. Key trademarks of burton. Carter and Depp, two Burton staples it seems, combine to provide very different aspects of family, one on each side of Charlie who is Carter's son.

A great movie amongst a lot of crap out there today, I highly recommend watching this savory dessert :cool:

4/5 OSNN Stars.


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I saw it last week, I agree, depp was great for the role. even though i love the original, this is a well done remake...4/5 stars...:)


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This is not a remake though :)

It is an accurate reproduction of the book by Roald Dahl. The previous version was a very very loose take on the book, sticking with certain aspects which were sort of accurate. I loved that movie but this is not a remake :)


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Burton and Depp = Movie Bliss for me. I have not been let down from a movie they've done together.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory are equally good in my mind with each movie being good based on the differences.

Gene Wilder is amazing and so is Depp. that's why I like the fact that these two movies are not categorized as "original" and "remake" since one is based on the book and one an interpretation of the story in the original book.

4.5/5 OSNN stars
ya it was very good. im glad that the scenes were different than the other movie because i didn't want to be able to predict everything. jonny deep is really freaky and he did a good job in this role. the weird thing is that he reminded me of michael jackson!! his voice and the way he spoke to children freaked me out.

4/5 stars as well :)

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Sazar said:
This is not a remake though :)
Yep, I was talking to a friend who read the book and the first one wasnt true to the book very well. The story was edited quite a bit.

Anyways I thought it was a great movie and I enjoyed it.

5/5 OSNN Stars

PS. Maybe someone should make an actual OSNN star smilie for this sort of thing.

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