[Movie Review] Casino Royale

Absolutely, i think he is a mis-cast.
If pierce were cast in this exact movie, with all the lines the same.
Yes, my feelings would be better about it.
But no the movie would still have stunk as a Bond.
You don't become a Gentlemen from being a rash thug, you become jaded yes.
but there is no possibility for Craig to be a gentlemen.
I still fail to see why the let Pierce go.
Die another day brought in over 500 million dollars!
The most successful bond to date.

The last 3 bond movies were absolute crap.

I'd rather watch a MOVIE rather than a montage of b.s. masquerading as a movie.

Brosnan was decent enough in Goldeneye, relatively physical. After that, crap.

Connery had the whole package, no one else has come close to him thus far.
Connert, Brosnan, Moore, Dalton, Craig.
Thats my list.
personally I'd put dalton last, I think he looked quite dweebish and feminine.

I also thought the bond movies were too trivial under moore, and while I like him, I didn't care for the flicks

I liked this flick with craig, I just didn't like his physiology for some of the scenes

my list puts craig way ahead of dalton, who is dead last and I can't really imagine them comming up with someone worse.

I know some of you here thought he was good in the part, I do not.

as one of our moderators has pointed out, clearly, they needed to cast teh grandmaster in this part
Absolutely :)
Its interesting you say Dalton is last.
Alot of people refer to him as possibly the best bond out there.
But they say the writing was bad as well as the times.
I hated his movies though. They were 80s, i hate everything 80s.
Yeah thats the guys name :)
I think they should have Tony Shalloub as Bond :)

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