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Stranger Than Fiction
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I think as many people will read this review as see this movie. It's that small.

The only reason you may have even heard of this is because this is the first of what (maybe) a long sting of movies simultaneously released in theatre's and on DVD/cable/pay per view.

The movie tells a story of 3 regular people .. literally. They aren't actors they are just people that lived in the small town where it was being filmed. These regular people lead regular lives, IE boring lives. They follow the same routine and when something throws it off they react poorly. I really can't describe it anymore than that without having to toss up the spoiler tags.

Since it is a one of a kind piece of work I can respect it. I cannot however recommend it. I found it to be boring, even though its only 74 minutes long it feels much longer. On the plus side, the performances are exceptional especially considering who is playing the characters. I love Steven Soderberg (Oceans Eleven, Traffic) as a director but here he didn't seem to have much to work with.

Roger Ebert is calling this a masterpiece
I'd say that opinion is another reason why so many people steer clear of whatever he likes.

In the end its not horrid, its just not really that good.
2.5 out of 5 OSNN Stars.