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A lot of people have likely read the poem of Beowulf in one form or another. It is an old poem with many different connotations and, as translations have taken place, there have been some liberties taken with the intent of the prose.

The movie takes some liberties but is surprisingly faithful for the most part to the poem, particularly in the way the movie is split up.

There are 4 distinct sequences in this movie, the opening, the first introduction, the 2nd introduction and the 3rd introduction/conclusion. You will know what I mean by introductions if you have read the poem or when you watch the movie.

The character voice-acting is surprisingly good and Crispin Glover really provides a short but out-of-body portrayal. When viewed in 3-D, this movie is stunning and really, watching it in 2-D is a dis-service.

The music and pacing of the movie are quite good too, as are the artistic renditions of all the elements in the movie. You can clearly make out the characteristics of the voice-actors in their pixelated renditions, even with Crispin Glover.

The pacing of the movie is good and the story progresses as it is intended. There are a few additional plot segments added but they don't detract from the pacing or the actual meaning of the movie. I really cannot say much more without revealing crucial plot points.

At the end, if you come in with an open mind, I believe you will leave with a positive impression, I surely did :)

4/5 OSNN stars, worth watching and again, WATCH IT IN 3-D :cool:


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Unfortunately there were no IMAX theaters in El-Paso while I was visiting there but, they did have a digital DLP theater and it was pretty cool :)

Next best thing I reckon.


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I saw the IMAX Version last night. It was good I was entertained :)
The best part was when He said "I AM BeoWulf!" The Entire audience Yelled out "This is Sparta!! It was freaking Awesome. lol


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Oh man, I caught this in 3D Imax just a couple hours ago. I'm impressed. The detail, the 3d.... it was badass!

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