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[Movie Review] AvP - Aliens v/s Predators


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watched it last night...

not really much to say here cept it was a very predictable and very dis-jointed effort...

started off with some promise and naturally fans of both franchises as well as the comics and the games will have a good bonding experience with the characters..

the problem is beyond the initial nostalgia there is a lack of much else...

none of the characters really has much development and I personally couldn't care less for any one of them...

the special effects are dodgy at best and reminiscent of a cheap B movie in many parts...

the music is relatively decent in SOME parts but even that is flat...

my all time favorite of either franchise was the original Predator movie... that was the first movie I saw with no form of development @ the beginning that progressed and culminated so well... ok the end was a bit melo-dramatic but the hunt... the chase... the battles were all well timed and you never really saw much of the predator at all..

this movie does not flow from either franchise (its a pre-cursor to the alien franchise) and there are various elements of timelines that just seem to have been tossed out of the door in favor of a pop-corn flick...

is it really this bad you ask? well... I only sat through it coz I am a huge fan of Predator... if you are a sci-fi fan with nothing better to do than subject yourself to 2 hrs of mediocrity than yah I spose this is something you can waste your money on...

if not... go watch something useful...

I'll give it a 2/5 OSNN star rating... at least they got the preds' cloaking down properly...

Son Goku

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I was looking forward to it... Planned on seeing it this weekend, and when a friend called and asked what was playing I mentioned this. We both went and saw this movie, then headed back to his house. His words exactly, when we got back was

I guess it wouldn't be too realistic for the Aliens to meet the Preditors like that.
My feelings were mixed, and combined with the fact I didn't get home till after 4 am, didn't really post anything about it. I guess to sum up, the story perhaps had potential, but eh... It was a bit of a let down.

There are places where they depart from the original story line. For instance the 5 minute incubation time for the aliens is rather out of whack to the original movie. There are other places where it just doesn't seem to jive with the original movies.

I hadn't thought of rating it, but if I were, would probably place it somewhere around 1.5-2.5 OSN stars. There might have been promise in the story line (with a different director perhaps?); but then there's the disappointment...


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I'll probably go see it for the only reason that I've known about this film for years. I met the then-President of FOX Entertainment back in 2000, and he was excited about it even then...lol.

I should mention, though, that my expectations are not very high for this.



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Surely with 'that' director at the helm this was only gonna turn out to be tripe? They should have handed it to one of the top notch directors - this could have been an incredible film, but from ready the stuff above i fear it's quite the opposite.

Big shame.


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well...from what i heard on the radio not many critics saw it which means it is a bad movie. I could even tell it was. They were just copying freddy vs jason what next flinstones vs the jetsons


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AvP is not a new concept... there are comic books and video games over the past several years based off of the AvP setup...

saying this is a Freddy v/s Jason copy is a misleading comparison...


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True , I think that one of the original lines was by Chris Claremont famed X-Men writer...Hollywood uses it's own writers unfortunately, as the comic books are much better developed. OFF Topic:
Sazar I am amazed, You have seen almost everything out there. Are there any movies you have missed? :D


F@H - Is it in you?
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I generally watch 1 movie a week if i can :)

i've been doing it for ages...

generally while watching the 1 movie I get there early and possibly sit through 2 flicks (weee :cool: ) with my m8's...

there are several flicks I have not seen and watch on dvd later on... and then add to the posts (ie butterfly effect)


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On a pure entertainment level....I thought the movie was pretty damn fun.

Story kinda sucked...but the graphics/effects were pretty seamless 95% of the time.

If you cant get behind a fight behind an alien and a predator...well....maybe JarJar Binks is right up your alley.


3.5 stars outta 5

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