[Movie Review] Aliens vs Predator (AVP-R)


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12 Apr 2002
I'm going to break a cardinal rule of mine in this review simply because things are still fresh in my mind and I wanted to break down the pro's and con's very objectively :)

I went into this movie with relatively moderate expectations, considering the fact that the movie was allegedly made with the help of people who were fans of the series and allegedly understood the characters.


The movie starts off exactly where the last one ended, with the Pre-alien popping out of the hero Pred from the last movie. He wreaks havoc for a few moments and blammo, two laser blasts later the ship crashes on earth and a signal goes out to someplace where another hero Pred happens to be.

He flies to earth pronto.

Meanwhile, on earth, the escaped alien babies from the Pred ship have taken on some human hosts (including a kid, no one is spared in this movie as you'll see) and the chaos ensues. The supporting characters are weakly portrayed and even though there is some semblance of back-story for all the major characters, this is not developed further AT ALL as everyone just dies off. Why have a back story and waste the time?

The new Pred is pretty cool because he takes a fallen Pred's laser blaster and sports two for a fair bit. He also has some new toys though they are wasted in this movie.

The Predator has limited screen time and the chop/cut action scenes are pathetic in differentiating between the Pred and the Alien. You never know whom to root for, although the Aliens are clearly the bad guys here.

Given that this is supposedly an Aliens v/s Pred movie, the humans are on screen FAR too long. There is very little development of the alien species here. The Pred Alien is on screen for far too little of a time and the "climatic" battle between the Pred-Alien and PRed is pretty pathetic. It is short and you don't see much at all. There is no winner in the battle and the pathetic nuking of the area is such a cop-out.

The plot is mangled and while there are several homage moments that I really appreciated, the complete failure of the writers and director to show they have any film-making ability whatsoever makes me sad that such retards are able to garner multi-million dollar budgets to bastardize once proud franchises.

Now, for the ultimate pet peeves here. The Pred-Alien impregnates a woman. Would that not have made for an interesting scenario where a Pred-Alien-Human hybrid comes to be? What a wasted premise.

And, for being such an uber warrior/pred person, the Predator is himself being stalked much of the time especially in the power station. I also found myself wondering much of the time what the hell his camoflage was for because he hardly ever used it when advantageous. Case in point, start of movie where he is disintegrating evidence and doesn't even hear the clumsy cop who comes upon him till he's RIGHT THERE.

Come on. Just ludicrous.

So, basically after all that... 2.5/5 OSNN stars.

Some nice homage moments, that's about it.

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8 Apr 2003
so the film aint worth a w**k then, dont waste your money unless you have a spare amount of chage and time on your hands ?


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12 Apr 2002
It has a few moments and can be mindlessly entertaining for a bit but, for the most part, no.

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