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[Movie Review] Aeon Flux


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To be honest, I have not watched the shorts on MTV before I watched the movie. Fortunately the Alamo Draughthouse where I watch the movies at ran 2 episodes before the movie to give us an idea of the story and characters.

I had pretty low expectations for the movie but was mildly surprised. The story was actually pretty good and the acting was not bad at all.

The pacing was brisk but then again, the movie was very short so it was to be expected :)

Now for the negatives, the CG was pretty bad but then again I am not a massive fan of CG personally :) And there were some very predictable segments to the movie as well which is probably one of the reasons the movie has been panned by some critics.

However, it is a darn sight better than the negative reviews suggest. The movie and the locations and some of the sets really give a sense of the future. The promos could have been SOOO much better than they were but all in all, it was a good flick.

3/5 OSNN stars. If you like sci-fi flicks, you might want to consider this.


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Hmm, I actually did watch the show on MTV a few years ago, and was a fan. The only thing I would wish differently is they picked someone different than Charlize Theron, as the original Aeon was more "endowed" :p

I'm a bit busy these days, but will try to sneak in to see this hopefully after my finals :)


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just watched the movie. I was impressed i havent seen the shorts on MTV but am getting them as we speak. The plot follows alot of books iv read loosely. As allways i wasent blown away but was a enjoyable exper to watch.

3.5/5 OSNN stars.

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I had watched this when it first came out.

My only complaint then wasn't about the movie, but rather many of the movie goers. From people who kept getting phone calls on the cell in the theater (and talking, not whispering, but straight out talking into the thing in a rather loud voice); to other groups of people trying to talk over the picture, to constant coughing (OK that people can't help, though I do wish when some people sit behind someone they would cover their mouth); etc it was kinda hard to watch... The guy on the cell phone was also sitting in the row right in front of me...

So I went and watched it a second time after it had been in the theaters a little while; so I could hear it better.

I never did see these shorts on MTV that some are mentioning; and tbh this is the first time I've heard about them before. But all in all, it was an enjoyable night out, and is worth going to see.


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OK, But does Charlize Theron walk around in the S&M gear of the cartoon for the entire movie?

These are the important questions...pay attention.

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