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7 Oct 2004
Does anyone know of a program that has a batch process that can add the same mpeg-1 file to the begining of say 100 different mpeg-1 files at one time?
going into the movie business? ;)

Just wondering if you have an application to just eprform this operation should it not be semi-trivial to make that run with a script to apply it to many files? Or is it the case that you do not have even the app to apply your "credits" to an mpg file?
Actually i'm already in the movie business, but right now i have to transfer hundreds of files to a linux box, then run a script which is under linux to add this legal clip to the begining of each clip.

So i am just trying to cut this out, on the other hand if you know of a way that i could copy the whole linux system turn it into a vmware module, so i can run it under windows, that would be great as well.

But i would really just like to have a windows based program do this for me.
do you know of a way to do this in windows, some way to write a script for windows thats joins one mpeg to multiple ones at the same time?
virtualdub only outputs avi so the files will need to be encoded which takes time and (technically) reduces quality. it can be done losslessly by many apps, though nothing i can currently think of that's capable of such automation

are the clips the same resolution and framerate?
yes both are the same, the legal clip is about 6 seconds long and the other multiple clips are about 3 mins long each. so i need to attach this 6 second clip to each of the 3 mins clips.

I just cannot believe that a program does not exist that does this.
something came to mind, open command prompt, get into the directory with the video files

copy/b video1.mpg+video2.mpg joined-file.mpg

adjust file names to match. not sure if it'll work in this case though but i don't see why not since it works on dvd spec compliant MPEG PS. i'd test it myself but don't have such mpg's to work with right now ;)

if it does you can just create a batch file
ok great news and some not so great news, it does work, yeahhhhhh, BUT it will not play in quicktime, for instance i join two movies, each 9 mins long about 100mb's each, but quicktime will only show the first movie, even though the joined file is now 200mb's, but vlc will show the entire movie, this is an issue, because our clients use many different players, and they need to work in all, this is truly bizarre.

The other issue here also is that i'll have about 300 different names for all the movies and there is no way i can type them all out. so this may work for one join but not for hundreds.

Any other idea. I've just been told autodesk combustion, is supposed to be able to do this. i'll look into that.

But great help vertigo, reps on the way.

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