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moved raid drives-no cannot boot


just at home

I fitted my new mobo today and fitted my raid 0 drives onto it, but now they cannot be read, come up as unknown under fdisk (no active partition)etc.
swapped drives back to old mobo and same error?
old raid is onboard promise, new raid card is Inovision ap1680ata raid controller.
all settings kept the same.
any idea's to recover info on raid 0 partition.

many thanks for any help.


RAID 0!!! Uh oh!

The first problem... you can't swap hard drives from one machine to the next without problems (drivers, controllers, etc).

Second, you are using RAID 0. Just to give you the run down:

RAID 0 is a disk stripping setup. It allows for you to combine two hard drives to make it appear as one large drive (i.e. two 20GB HD's = 40GB to the OS). The problem is that there is no parity. If you damaged any one of the hard drives, all data is lost.

I would opt for you to use RAID 1 if you can. RAID 1 is a disk mirroring setup. It allows for you to mirror two hard drives (i.e. two 20GB HD's = 20GB to the OS). The benefit is that if any one hard drive goes out, you can simply pull it (if your RAID is hot swappable) and replace it with a new hard drive, and rebuild it off the parity.

I'm not sure that you will be able to easily pull the data off the drives and repair it. If they are not registering, you might need to get new HDs.

just at home

the drives are detected etc, we just cannot get the data off them.
it seems to be a problem with the partition as the partition comes up a unknown.i.e the data on the drives cannot be read.
when trying to recover you just get recommended to re-format.


As stated earlier, because of how RAID 0 operates, if you damages a partition or something on one HD, all data is lost. This is why it says to reformat.

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