Move XP from one hard disk to another



Any ideas on how to move windows XP onto another hard disk on my PC?

I have been trying to install XP on the new hard drive, however, I seem to become faced with a black screen and one flashing cursor!!

I am wanting to put my smaller hard disk (currently with XP) into another PC I have built, but need to transfer the op. system onto my new hard disk before I take out.

Any ideas?... my brain has fuzzled out, and I am really quite stressed!
Is this the only way, by purchasing more software?

I did try to install XP on my new hard disk after booting into XP via old hard disk, but this I automatically assumed it would over-write the current XP. Is there a way of directing it to a different drive?

Ps. Cost of ghost offhand?
Well, as for the cost of software , i'm not sure but I have seen it on the seedier side of the net, apparently people are just downloading it !!! OUTRAGEOUS ;)
Just remove the old drive, boot from the CD (or copy the installation files to the new drive), and run setup. If you're removing the drive altogether, you don't want it present during an installation anyway.

You can also change the master/slave designations and install to the new drive that way and copy over what you want when you're done from the old drive. You don't want to install from the now current hard drive because you'll lose the boot loader and boot sector when you remove it. A clean installation w/o the old drive present is your best course of action w/o having to purchase drive imaging software.

I just thought of something, a guys been on here pushing a diskette that supposed to have imaging software on it. Go check it out:
That explanation seems quite clear to me now, thanks. I hope I dont get my cursor screen again! However, in the meantime, I will have a look at the site you posted, cheers

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