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Mouse Upgrade


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For someone who has been using the Logitech G5 mouse for years now (the one that looks like brushed orange and silver metal), loves it, its perfect, comfortable, good looking etc. What would be a useful and good upgrade? Is there one?

I know there is the G9, but would it be the same feel, and do I really need 5000dpi compared to 2000dpi? I am pretty sure I use my mouse set to 800dpi in and out of game anyways. lol


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well.. i never used a high end logitech mouse for one reason... they're all right handed ;D

what i have used is razer mices... they're pretty good. my only complaints are about the drivers (could be a lil better, nothin major) and the fact that their cheap models suck. but if u go for somethin like this i doubt you'll regret. if you want cordless you can choose the Mamba instead... but i prefer corded.


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I guess my question is

Is there benefit in getting new mice besides the DPI? All I see is more DPI, nothing else new and exciting.


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oh im sorry hehe...

mmm... more dpi is just more sensitivity, do you feel like you could use more?


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Better DPI, free-spin on the wheel, which is my biggest feature :D

And better software.


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Better software sounds good.

Who has the best software, is Setpoint good, I don't think I have used anything else?
I prefer razer mice these days. I gave my mx revolution away cos its no good for gaming if you use the wheel as a middle button...


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LA: not exactly sure what you mean by that. You could still click the wheel quite easily in my experience. but with a mouse where pretty much every button is customizable... and on the MX Revo's case, even all three actions of that side wheel, are customizable to whatever you want, why would you really NEED to click the scroll wheel? i never had to. I thought about getting a Razer mouse.... but every one i've ever touched just didn't have the same level of comfort that i prefer, which Logitech mice seem to deliver. They all seemed to be rather low-profile. I like something i can basically rest my palm on... whereas the Razer mice seemed more like fingertip mice.

epk: uuh... don't you kinda mean LESS dpi = more sensitivity? at least.... from a fine aim standpoint.

Bman: I actually went from a Logitech MX1000, to the MX Revolution, and just today got the Logitech Performance Mouse MX.... and i have to say, i feel every single new mouse was an appreciated step forward.... some more, and some less than others. I like the style of the Performance Mouse MX. it's slightly longer than the MX Revo, but right about as high, so it really suits my "palm-rest" perfectly. lol. The ability to press a button to switch between hyperscrolling and standard click-to-click scrolling i think is a better alternative to the automatic control of that the MX Revolution had by default, which depending on the situation would shift to click-to-click while in the middle of scrolling through a webpage, just because something else happened in the background that took priority over the web browser. Sucks though if you forget to switch it to click-to-click when you start a game like a FPS. Couldn't figure out why after i started playing CoD: World at War, my weapon suddenly switched to the sidearm. thought nothing of it, figured i may have bumped something. then it happened again, and i realised it was on hyperscrolling, and just the action of moving the mouse around rather quickly while aiming was making the wheel move ever so slightly as to change the weapon on me.

The only downside i feel with the Performance Mouse MX over the MX Revo is that while they kinda lenghtened the mouse a little, they left the forward and back buttons on the side of the mouse a little too far forward. They were in quite the perfect position on the Revo... but on the Performance they seem to be just a hair too far front, so now i kinda gotta get used to that a bit, but shouldn't take long.

So yeah.... not the cheapest mouse, but the Performance Mouse MX is awesome. Not to mention it has the option in the Setpoint software to bind a button on the mouse to change the DPI setting to anywhere between 100 dpi and 1500 dpi. I just bind that to the app switch button that's where one's thumb rests on the mouse.

Only thing is i may need a new mouse mat. Currently using an Ulti-Mat... which i've been using quite a while now, and one spot of the teflon seems to have either worn off, or worn smooth, creating a bit of a shine (since the ulti-mat uses teflon-coated steel).... and the mouse doesn't seem to want to track very well on that one little thumbprint-sized shiny spot... which is even more odd since Logitech's DarkField sensor can supposedly work even on glass of at least a certain thickness or thicker. haven't really tested that yet.
not a problem. still kinda getting used to the mouse a little. think the hyperscrolling on it is even more smooth than on the Revo. either way i'm glad i have it back. something with the scroll wheel mount or somethin on my Revo broke when a friend accidentally knocked it off the desk... so it hadn't been working right for a while.

Also nice that the mouse comes with a seemingly better quality rechargable battery than most batteries that come with devices. EniTime. never heard of them... but it's not really a generic looking label on the battery either. Still woulda been nice with an Eneloop or something.
I rest my palm on both my copperhead and deathadder. Though the deathadder recently decided to send two clicks to windows for every one click of the left button.

The MX Revo always had a firm resistance to clicking the wheel or would tilt instead of click. Since the tilt function never worked for me across several iterations of logitech mouse I gave up on it.

Razer are much more to my liking. You only need a light touch to do things. Always felt like I was trying to carve my desk up with logitech some days....
don't really need to smack a logitech around, either. Especially if you get a nice solid mousing surface and some teflon feet... glides like butter. I just think Razer mice are TOO light. makes it feel like $80 worth of nothing.

And that's something else i just realised with this mouse. unlike other mice i've owned with side scrolling scroll wheels (which i apparently have had better luck with than you have), even the MX Revolution..... the Performance Mouse MX has a different setup. Rather than having a click to determine whether or not it'll scroll to the side, it's kinda like an analog stick, in that there is no click, but the further you move the wheel to the side, the faster it scrolls. Kinda like that....
.... so.... you're saying that Razer uses better lasers? Seems to me all they ever do with their lasers is ramp up the DPI.... which if you ask me isn't entirely necessary, since it seems the option to choose a LOWER dpi for fine aiming would be the preferred method. And i have never bought a Logitech mouse that had weights. that's a rather stupid concept if you ask me.


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I didn't expect this much detail lol

At least I know which to companies are to follow, yet I knew that already lol

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