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Mouse question


The One and Only
Ok..... i built a computer for my grandmother, and it's running well, but she is not happy that the LED for the light never turns off, even when the computer is turned off. Would this be caused by the fact that it's connected with the USB-to-PS/2 converter thing, then a PS/2 cable extender, or is it from some other cause? it's a MS Intellimouse Optical i believe, and it's running Windows XP Pro.
optical mice are turend off by the usb system so if its conencted to the ps/2 port it'll always be on. The two options to avoid it are: ball mouse or logitech mx1000 as it uses an infrared laser.
An ATX standard computer is never turned off. It only goes into a deep sleep mode. So you are still connected and to, and drawing power from the power lines (and by the way susceptible to lighting and power surge damage).

I uses a surge suppressor with a switch on it. Shut down the system and then turn off the switch on the power strip.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Is it the LED for the mouse or the one thats to make it look more fancy? If its the fancy one then open the mouse and disconnect it. Otherwise try using USB instead.


The One and Only
it's just the LED for the mouse itself. and yeah, i was pretty sure that it was just the fact that it was hooked up to the PS/2 port..... but wanted to be certain. thx a bunch for the fast responses.
check the motherboard manual for a jumper that will kill the PS2 power when the computer is shut down. Both of my computers have jumpers for this so the mouse lights are not on when the computers are off.

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