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Mouse "lags" for 1sec in a 20sec interval



This problem happends randomly, theres nothing wrong with the mouse ... Tryied serveral mices, both Ps/2 and USB ...
The one im using is at the moment is a Mouseman Wheel / USB.
( Tried latest mouse ware - No diffrence )

It seems like WinXP are looking for something when this problem appears ... Like scanning the USB ports ??? I donno - There are no disc activity, only this annoying mouse lag.
Well .. I reinstalled WinXP from scratch but the problem is still there !
I have the newest BIOS on my card (19/03/02) .... My setup is:

Asus A7V kt133-C
AMD athlon 1.1ghz
2x IBM deskstar disks
Soundblaster 128 PCI
256 SDRAM, pc133
D-link Network card

please .. Help me out ! ... This shit is driving me crazy ! :rolleyes:


No audiogalaxy but USB ports !

I disabled my USB ports ... and use a Ps/2 mouse ... then there isnt any problems ! ... I think XP searches the USB ports ... and causes lag ...
Does anyone know if there is a patch for this ?



did you try cleaning off the litle rollers inside it?? if soo go to control panel/mouse/ then properties or whatever and navigate to mouse rate put it at 200



hey .. that last message was the stupiest thing i´ve heard in a long time ... do you think im a totally n00b ?


replying like that to people trying to help you will get you nowhere.

I seem to remember a similar issue with USB lagging the system on a regular interval. hmm. I wish I could remember how it was resolved. I couldn't find the original thread but I did find this which might give you some clues.

I would probably try updating the usb drivers (motherboard or chipset manufacturers site, not the actual usb functionality which is from MS) If that doesnt work try toggling usb settings in the bios.


I have experienced the same intermittent freeze on cordless mouseman/wireless keyboard with my Gateway Solo 5300 notebook that started when I upgraded from 2000 to XP Pro.
I know it is the USB 4 port wireless hub that looks to XP like it stops responding but i also know it is an XP incompatibility since the hub worked fine with 2000.

I CURED the problem by disconnecting my printer (Brother MFC 7300C). Now I only connect it when I need to print and problem is gone. The interesting thing is that my friend has the same problem with her Compaq notebook and lexmark printer.


Well Now it appears that any other usb device plugged into the USB hub will cause this problem. The moment I plug in my external USB iomega CD-RW - the mouse and keyboard freeze up again - and then start working - and then freeze - etc

Until I unplug the CD-RW. Then the Mouse and keyboard are fine. In another thread called "intermittent USB" the Via KT100 chipset on the motherboard claims to be incompatible with with XP but I have a Gateway Solo 5300 notebook and my friend has a 2 month old Compaq Presario 700 notebook. I have no idea what chipset is on the motherboards of these 2 different notebooks but kind of doubt that all three if these computers with the same problem are the same..


USB Hub must be "self powered" ?

And now that I have connected my usb hub into the DC5V power converter and changed the switch on the hub from "bus powered" to "self powered" and powered off/on - no more problems.

Right now I have my printer, external CD-RW, mouseman cordless and wireless keyboard all coexisting with no conflicts.

At least so far (going on 10 minutes)

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