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Mouse Issue

not really sure if this is the correct area to post this in, but i'd like some help anyway. ;)

occasionally, the pointer for my mouse will freeze on the screen. if i move the mouse, i can see tabs, etc. light up in the background on the IE toolbar, so i know it's still functioning on some level, but the pointer remains in a locked position, making it difficult to do anything.

yes, i have my mouse running the latest drivers. i've also checked in device mangler ( ;) ) and everything seems to be working correctly. in addition, i've configured my mouse settings and even tried using the default settings, to no avail.

i usually just end up hard booting, but i was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem and knows of a possible solution.


hardware monkey
sure thing. :)

but, realize that that slider is merely a troubleshooting tool and if it does clear up the problem, that just indicates an underlying problem with maybe your agp driver, video card, or video card driver that should be fixed. that slider should be able to remain in full acceleration mode with no problem.
ah, ok.

i have a gf fx 5600 ultra 128mb card and i'm using 45.23 dets. running my monitor at 85hz and 1280 x 960, but 1024 x 768 ingame.

think there may be a problem with that setup?


hardware monkey
i don't see what except maybe updating your driver. it could also be a problem with an agp setting in your bios. agp fast writes, for example.
my bios is up to date. all my drivers are brand new and i just completed a format.

it started happening again! :(

i have my hardware acceleration dropped now to: disable all cursor and advanced drawing accelerations.

/bangs head against wall


Try 75 Mhz refresh ........ certainly works better on most TFT screens.
85 Mhz on 1280 would probably push many screens although the card will support it.
What spec is yours?

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