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Mouse Issue clicks too much


DBZ - Yes its in me!
Ok all of a sudden a single click is being taken as a double click by my system i have gone through all the settings and nothing will fix it .it is somewhat at random so i have no idea what could be causing it. PLEASE HELP !!!
Sounds like a dodgy mouse to me. Maybe the button(s) is/are giving in?

Could be software too I guess. Have you tried another mouse or this mouse in another computer?


DBZ - Yes its in me!
ill try it in another comp and try another mouse here you may be right guess it COULD happen after 3 years but i love this mouse id hate to lose it.


DBZ - Yes its in me!
may have resolved the issue i just dissassembled the mouse air cleaned it and put it back together seems to reposnd properly now . ill reup the issue if the problem persists further. thanks :)

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