mouse is SCREWED



my intelimouse explorer is F^&%$Ked ... why i dunno.. what happened i dunno either! Now it just freezes up every 30 seconds and sumtimes less =( i really dont know what to do anymore... i have the latest 1,4 drivers...

Is it plugged in the USB slot? If not, try it.

If so, try the P/S2 port.

Holler if it works or doesnt.
had a clients computer that did that
turned out after the format it was ok
however... it was audiogalaxy that casued it
I am going to predict this an optical mouse, plugged into the USB port. I had a similar issue before under 2000 if I remember right, though it may have been XP. Anyway, after doing much research on google and usenet, the only solutions I could find was an IRQ conflict with ACPI and your USB/mouse. You can try to disable ACPI/Power Mgmt. both in your BIOS and your control panel and see if that resolves it. I ended up buying a new mouse, both because I was pissed at that happening frequently, and wireless mouses are neat-o.

Oh, and if my assumptions are right, your mouse is USB. If it gets "lost", unplug the mouse for ~3 seconds and plug it back in. It should work again, if only for a short period.
its plugged in ps/2... wont work in usb ... not detected =(
Well, then either USB is diabled in BIOS or you've got a seriously messed up MOBO, which could possibly explain that whole corrupted admin account somewhere down the line, as well. (Don't see directly how, but it wouldn't surprise me...)
USB works perfect for anything except my mouse dunno why lol:confused:
Everything seems to point to a dodgy mouse. Have you tried using another mouse? If thatv works no probs, then it's the mouse. If it too has problems, then it is probably a conflict somewhere either in IRQ or with a program.


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