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Motorola V3M Drivers again

Abbie Normal

OSNN One Post Wonder
I have read the posts on V3m drivers and verizon and I must admit I am a bit confused.

First off I just got this V3m and actually didn't want it, I was happy with my old V3 but that is another story for another time and place.

Here I am and I am not interested in putting music on it ( ok flame away )

I want to start with something simple like loading my own ringtones into the phone.

I have Motorola Phone Tools and have upgraded it to 4.21a.

When I connect my phone to my PC via usb, it says it is a V3c modem and of course like most folks have said, I don't have the capability of MPT because melody studio doens't show up...

I am thinking I need MPT to recognize my phone as a V3M NOT V3C and then Melody studio will show......Am I right or what do I have to do to load my own ringtones to this beast...

Thanks in advance for going over some ground again.....

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