Motorola RAZR V3 / V3c Drivers (with download links)

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xp vista? it's an either or.. xp or vista..
i honestly have been looking in this one thread for a few hours now.
i have the USB cord connected to my phone and in my computer, but nothing pops up.

i tried doing the whole razr v3c usb driver download, and nothing happens.
i tried the p2k commander thing too but nothing seems to work.
i'm so lost, all i want to do is transfer ringtones from the PC to the phone.
Hey, in response to the above post, I am having the same problem, you gotta manually go to hardware/drivers screen, Ill edit this once I figure out how. Unless someone else can be of more assistance.
My friend followed all of this and when he restarted his computer after installing drivers his AVG popped up showing...
Threat Detected in the p2k.sys file
Trojen Horse Agent.ZEH

care for an explanation?
Razr v3 driver

I am looking for the driver for my phone and I was wondering if someone would know where I could find it. Thanks :)
hi priya.. i think the link may not work anymore.. but the other link should display 2 files that you can download depending on which version of the original razr you have.

This thread is fairly out of date because i don't think these drivers work with any of the new razr models.

I am trying to find software to transfer my ringtones photos...ect to my v3 from my pc i have a data cable and i dled both p2k and the other file....i got it to charge from the cord but nothing else what should i do?
I am trying to find software to transfer my ringtones photos...ect to my v3 from my pc i have a data cable and i dled both p2k and the other file....i got it to charge from the cord but nothing else what should i do?

Please read the entire first post in this thread - pay particular attention when you reach this part.

NOTE: if you want to download ringtones and move photos and so on, you need more than just this driver. You need additional software.

Read on for all the details.

- To transfer MP3's to your phone for use as a ringtone use WICK'S WALMART METHOD
- To transfer ringtones, manage your address book, synchronize with anything, move photos, and so on, you need a USB 2.0 cable (or bluetooth device).

and this section at the end:
2.Download/buy the PhoneTools or MobileEdit.
Motorola PhoneTools (
MobileEdit (full version): (
I say buy the software so you have a legitimate complaint if something doesn't work as expected.
I have read everything on here from post 1 I understand the 1st post has the instructions But I am so not technical. I have the Razr V3 phone and no accessories All I want to do is charge from the computer using a USB cord. I followed the steps and after I extract all files and I keep clicking next during the wizard, at the end nothing happens. I have the phone plugged in and nothing is working. I need to charge the phone. Anyone have any screen shots? I dont understand what to do next
I tried to install the files from the links but it doesn't work...
Maybe it's because I'm in Holland.. Nothing works in this country..
Help please??
Re: Motorola RAZR V3m Drivers.

To get the Drivers to charge the V3m and maybe other V3's Google:
"Motorolla Driver Installation 3.2.0"
Install per instructions in this thread.
I installed today (10/08/08) and works!!
There is a ver. 3.5.0, but I didn't try it.
thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!:D
My thought exactly.

I DID read the first post and found all I needed either here or hints at finding it elsewhere on the web and now my cell has a pic of my convertible as wallpaper and the intro to «Back in Black» for a ringtone. :D

XP, v3c.

is this Vc3 driver compatible with vista? when i get prompted to manually find driver and i point it to the file, it says it can't detect it.
Please help.
Windows Drivers

Does Anyone have a driver for Motorola Razor model 93097 for windows XP pro?
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