Motorola RAZR V3 / V3c Drivers (with download links)

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4 May 2006
Modem Driver Worked, comm Interface in P2K won't install

I've got the V3c drivers and my phone is a V3c. It charges and I can see the motorola modem in MPT. So the first bit of driver install worked. However, MPT won't connect, and when I open either P2K or RSD Lite and it prompts me for new hardware found and I point them back to my P2K drivers, it stalls out on Motorola Communication Interface and the search glass just keeps moving and nothing happens. Should this take several minutes?

I've rebooted and turned my phone on and off. Any ideas?
Do not send anyone private messages in relation to this thread or the RAZR series of phones without prior approval. Failure to follow this instruction will result in bad things mmkay!

The links for drivers/software in this thread are likely broken. The Motorola RAZR phone is no longer supported on this forum. We recommend you purchase a newer smart phone where possible. Please do not start new threads regarding this. If you do you will be banned.

You can find the RAZR drivers that the PC Requires to recognize the phone for the V3 and V3C by following the links below (note: drivers are for the 32-bit version of Windows XP only)

Please note that while the drivers are available at this site, support may be limited as the main focus of the site is not to support the RAZR phones.

P2KCommander is software that can be used to make changes to the phone once the drivers are installed properly. The p2kCommander files are attached at the bottom of this post/message.


Once again, these drivers are known to work with Windows XP (32-bit). They have not found much success working with any version of Vista. If you find a Vista driver, please let us know.

If you have drivers for a V3 Model not at the link above please send it to me and I will host it.

VenomXT said:
Here in the FAQ V3 usb driver this is diffrent than the V3c driver OK.

1.Download the driver unzip to a folder (feel free to scan im not evil)
2.Plug in phone with mini usb cable too computer Usb port.
3.Will auto detect and ask for drivers
4.Point install to folder and let it do its thing.
5.These drivers are also for p2k program (for hacking) but thats for another time.
6.Your phone will now charge with a cheap mini USb cord you can get for 5 bucks at frys.

These are not my drivers just really really hard to find.

This community has developed more than i could ever of imagined so please post in the appropriate thread and someone will help you.


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VenomXT said:
Last night i did a crap load of reading about hacking The Razr V3.

I am debating if i should mess with both my flex flash and editing my Seem.

While i found a few guides to do this they seemed to be a bit scattered and very confusing.

I’m debating if i should write up my own guide in some sort of Fashion.

One thing i want to make very aware that if you Mess with either your SEEM files or you Flex that a couple of things can happen.

1.You void your warranty on the phone.
2.You risk messing your phone up. And its hard to fix it if not impossible in certain situations.
3.You will be forced to forever keep messing with it to get things the way you want it.

On another note. I have successfully gotten the Mobile Phone tools to add Videos, Ring tones, and pictures to my phone.

I found a great tool to cut mp3's for ring tones. And its Free audacity-win-1.2.3

The razr Seems to do the bass with it as well as you could expect it to.

NOTE: if you want to download ringtones and move photos and so on, you need more than just this driver. You need additional software.

Read on for all the details.

- To transfer MP3's to your phone for use as a ringtone use WICK'S WALMART METHOD
- To transfer ringtones, manage your address book, synchronize with anything, move photos, and so on, you need a USB 2.0 cable (or bluetooth device).

Scroll down to "VENOM, LORD ET AL.'S CABLE-EMPLOYING METHOD" for complete(ish) info.

For this method you need a data-enabled phone w/email address.
You do NOT need a cable.
You WILL incur data transfer charges and you cannot edit the ringtone.
What you hear on the webpage is what you get.

1.Go to (other shopping sites may be similar)
2.Click on the Music tab at the top of the page.
3.Search for the Artist and CD you like
4.Scroll down to the track listing and select a track
5.Right click (or Mac equiv) on the track and select Properties
6.Copy full url address to the clipboard.
7.Open your mail program and address an email to your phone
8.Paste the url into the email body and send it
9.Retrieve the email on your phone
9a.Press forward
10.Copy the url onto the phone clipboard (menu copy)
11.Open your browser go to the url by pasting it into the address bar, or using "Go To URL" from the MediaNet program (Cingular) and pasting.
12.Your browser will automatically download the MP3.
13.Press Store
14.Assign the stored MP3 as a ringtone.
15.To rename the ringtone, go into My MEdia, Sounds, select the ringtone name, "more" and see "rename".

Just do it.

To transfer stuff between your phone and PC (computer), you must have the following items in addition to your V3 phone and PC (seems like XP is a better choice than ME ):
1.Data cable (yes, if it fits in the hole the one from your digital camera will probably work!) Again note: it needs to be USB 2.0 to work reliably.
2.Driver to enable your PC/Mac to see the phone when connected.
3.Communication software like Motorola PhoneTools or MobileEdit
4.MP3 editing software if you want to modify the MP3 file. (Audacity-win-1.2.3 is highly recommended by posters and free.Nero is another excellent tool).I'm told that you can edit MP3s using Motorola Phone Tools (sometimes called MPTs), but I have no experience.

To make it all work:
1. Read the first post completely. It contains links to a zipfile with the files to install the driver, and instructions for installation.
2.Download/buy the PhoneTools or MobileEdit.
Motorola PhoneTools (Avanquest mobile PhoneTools -- MOTOROLA EDITION)
MobileEdit (full version): (MOBILedit! - PC Suite for all phones)
I say buy the software so you have a legitimate complaint if something doesn't work as expected.
3.If you want to edit MP3s to suit, then find, download, and install either audacity or Nero (I think that's a $$ product).
4.Then attach the phone, cable, computer and enjoy!

Share your discoveries
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This was very helpful. Now I can charge my razr. I still don't understand how to transfer pictures to my computer, but I will:crosseyed:

Have you looked at the first post in this thread? The one with links to locations to download drivers?
this is great and the driver worked!
my only (big!) problem is that mobiledit is not allowing me to transfer files to my razr. it says Access Denied - i've tried .jad files and ... nothing works.
Re: Motorola RAZR V3 / V3c Drivers (with download links)
I have been trying and just cannot find the download link for this driver.
can someone please point me where i can download that zip file now!!
Read the first post, slowly and carefully.
I rang Motorola twice and they were rude about me having to buy the whole software when i only wanted to charge my phone on buisness trips from the laptop without adaptors. You have hepled me do that now
At work w/ the USB charger, no CD, battery about dead, XP not finding the driver.... Searched & Searched and came across the forum ~ The driver was a godsend!!! THANKS FOR MAKING THE SEARCH THAT MUCH EASIER!!!! :)
It Does not read the phone the usb thing in my computer does not show up. cus i think i can put my ringtones on my motorola RAZR.

thanks anyway
You need additional software sold by Motorola and/or its retail partners to do more than charge the phone. Supplying this software here will be illegal. Your phone provider or Motorola can sell you the software.
I'm trying to install these drivers, and I'm having problems. I run the Add Hardware wizard and click through until I get the "Have Disk" button. I browse to the drivers folder, and I have a bunch of options. On the left, there are two Manufacturers listed - Motorola and Motorola Inc. When I select Motorola, the only option under Model is Motorola USB Modem. When I click on Motorola Inc, there are 16 options (Accessories Interface, Communications Class - Data Interface, and Flash Operating System Interface, to name a few). Any thoughts on which of these I should select? Am I missing something?


Re: The Official “New To This Community” Thread


I am interested if anyone has the answer to the following.
I have a Motorola v3 and I have a Windows vista. I purchased the software which only contained the disc for XP not Vista but at least I got the data USB cable.
Please can any one help with step by step instructions and also instructions to retrieve my pictures from my phone?
This would be greatly appreciated.


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