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Motorola Phone Tools 4.0


OSNN One Post Wonder
I am just wondering if anyone knows a place that has a good price on the tools and allows instant downloads? The Motorola website allows downloads, but they want $30 for the software alone. Other places sell the USB Cable + the Software (on CD) for $10. Anyone know of somewhere I can buy the Software and download it from the website? Any help appreciated.

P.S. I have the Phone Tools version 3, and it will not work with V3C (I have a lot of errors transfering media, especially pics / videos).


OSNN One Post Wonder
If you have ver. 3.0, install it and then update it from the Live Update bar in the menu. You should be able to update it all the way to the 4.21a ver.


OSNN One Post Wonder
I am new suscriber in the forum, I love it because it helped me download the driver for my Motorola V3C.
What I dont have is the Motorola Mobile tools .
Is there any where I can find it. DO I have to buy it.
Do I have to use it in order to transfer audio files from my PC to phone.
Some friend told me that I could do it by using Window XP and copying the files on the phone folder !!!!

You said you bought it for 10$, can you give the link where you bought from


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