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Moto 4.21 download


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I have moto 3.23 How do I get it to update to 4.21 I tried doing from my tools But all it wants to do is 3.28 download I have a L2 and and a V235 these tools want work with them I need updated


Beware the G-Man
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Download 3.28 Once it is done and installs you check for new updates and it will show a newer version. Download that one until you are at the newest version. It will not update to newest version in one jump. I had an older version and when I updated to 4.21 it wanted to update to 3.xx first then I ran the updater and then it updated to 4.21

Hope this helps.

Electronic Punk

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You need to upgrade to every version in between, so upgrade and then just keep running the autoupdater.

Waste of time, but it will get you there eventually.

edit: hax gonnads, you cheated.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Moto tools download 4.04 h3lp

I need more help again. I started downing the updates. I got to 3.30 update it updated fine then tryed updating to 4.04 It downloads then I in stall it it says it did but then I go to updates again and It still says I have 3.30 and downloads 4.04 again I've downloaded it about 8 times the same thing. What do I need to do now?


Beware the G-Man
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O.K. This is what happens. When you are updating to 3.xx it (the proggy) is called "Mobile Phone Tools". Once you update to 4.xx it (the install) will uninstall your old phone tools and install the new one. But it has the new name of "Motorola Phone Tools". If you look on your HDD you will find the old directory from your 3.xx mobile phone tools but it will be empty. The Moto tools will have it's own new directory and if I remember when it installs doesn't even ask for what directory you wish to install to. Reboot and then go to START and ALL PROGRAMS and see if it's listed there as Motorola Phone Tools. Click it to start the proggy and see what is what. Hope this helps.


OSNN One Post Wonder
I have done all that lots of times but it says its up dating then I install then it says finished. but there not there I still have 3.30 I run live update again it says it downloading 4.04 everytime. so what s up with that?


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hellooo.. Can anyone help with my phone motorola v3? i want to send some mp3s to my mobile and i don't know how! pls help with a programm or something. sorry for my bad english! :p

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