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Motherboards and ATI


Striking Master
as I'm hoping that the new ATI cards help me out with obtaining the better high end system, I was looking for the motherboard I want. I was thinking that I will probably get the money before the newer ATI cards come out. So I was thinking something like this:
I want to use an integrated Video for now. My knowledge is better in software wise than hardware, but I try to do my research ahead of time.
I was seeing about those ATI Radeon Xpress 1600 and 3200's that were renamed something else later on so I wanted to use a 3200 since I assume it is the best desktop integrated video for now.
I mean I also have to look through reviews as well, but I'm still keeping it available so that I have 2x PCI-E's for when I crossfire the cards. So what do you think?

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