motherboard upgrade.. worth it, or not?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by scorpious, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. scorpious

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    Im thinking of boosting my PC, and was thinking of getting a new motherboard that will let me run my ATI @ x8 AGP. Ive read alot about people unable to get the ATI cards to run @8x AGP even though the board might support it.

    Which motherboards can support x8 successfully, I was thinking of either the..
    MSI KT4 (the v or ultra) or ABIT KD7 but can yu recommend any other or these mentioned?.


  2. jumpy

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    I wouldn't bother with the upgrade if I were you. AGP 8x doesn't make all that much difference and doesn't justify the price of a new motherboard. Maybe that's just me though, wait for some other opinions...
  3. Taurus

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    getting a new board to utilize agp8x is not worth it. you'll gain maybe 200 3dmarks at the most and no real gain in any games. lots of other people will confirm this.
  4. scorpious

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    Thanks, I kinda thought that , but wanted to confirm it.