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Motherboard suggestions


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Well my motherboard is shot and I need a new one. So I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on which one to get. I would prefer to have the Ethernet port on the motherboard so I don’t have to buy a separate card. Doesn’t have to have anything special on it just able to run the setup I have. My system specs are…

Athlon xp 2800+
2x’s Geil 512 DDR 400 3200
AIW 9800pro 128mb
SB Audigy 2 zs
120gig WD (not running serial ata)
1cd-rw drive and 1dvd drive
Antic 450w power supply


OSNN Advanced
If you're sticking to Athlon XP then Gigabyte K7NNXP seems to be a really good one (if it's still available), but of course you should start thinking about moving to socket 939 (Athlon64) if you have enough money to upgrade.
As I recall, cash was an issue so from the link below I'd go for the MSI board (NF2). Some of the via boards are cheaper but they have built in video and that can be a hassle when running a real video card. Watch the FSB and memory speed on the KM400 boards. They don't always support 400 mhz.

BTW I haven't seen a MB without built in LAN in a couple of years.


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