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Motherboard Problem


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I'm having an issue with my motherboard on my computer. Every time I turn it off it forgets what the bios settings are and I have to go in and reset them. Does anyone happen to know what would cause this problem.


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what motherboard do you have and do you have anything overclocked?

Im asking because ive read in many forums about my board (p35 ga-ds3l) doing that some thing. Most of the cases result from too aggressive or bad overclocks. Ive also heard people fixing it by reseting cmos. Luckily it doesnt happen to me.


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no its not overclocked. Its the 680sli from EVGA. I thought it might be the battery so i took it out to get a new one but no where on this island sells the 3v like that so i figured i would ask if it might be something else before i go and order one.
Not sure about yours specifically, but usually it's a CR2032 battery.
You should be able to obtain one of those with little effort or expense ;)

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i would say look through the manual and make sure all the jumpers and such are set right and that all connections are proper seated, could be a short somewhere

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