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motherboard problem?


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Hi guys...
I decided to have a look at a friends computer, he had run into the usual spyware troubles, but had been recently complaining about other more serious problems.

the computer is old, its a pentium 3 800, completely bastardized sitting in a full tower that is half open in the back. you can see the chip and fan, its pretty ugly... anyways, plugging in a conventional keyboard did not work. my keyboard lights were dim and flashing and then cut out. since then i am unable to get a non-usb keyboard running.

the computer immediately opens the bios and shows me the chip information: clock speed, multiplier, etc. the chip speed for some reason isnt being recognized. it was set to manual. i didnt know the speed so i just took the fan off and looked for myself.

so i decided to pull it all apart to look at the board, see if anything looked different... took off all of the led power cables, etc... looked at the board, could really see anything out of the ordinary... so i put it back together. started it up, got my hands on a usb keyboard, got into the bios, and then the computer shuts off. power led was flashing, and powerbutton was unresponsive, so i had to pull the power cable from the wall to shut it off. i figured i had connected a led or power cable incorrectly, so i reviewed it, made sense. gave it another try, and it booted into windows.

in windows, not much to say, he had a few viruses and trojans, i cleaned them all up. all the drives worked... only thing that didnt work was the keyboard connector... so i power down. and leave it for the night.

come home drunk, goto bed.

wake up the next morning, go to turn it on, and it powers down during the the standard ide check, etc. power button again, unresponsive. so i unplug from the wall, and try again. this time it boots into the bios. shows me the cpu clock speed options again, this time its not to what i had set it to (800mhz), its back to manual. being a little confused about that, i changed it to 800mhz saved, and reboot. it goes right to windows, which led me right to osnn.

i dont know the board name, i thought i saw ASUS CUSL2 during the bootup, i need to look again...

what is going on here? the bios retained the time i had set no problem.
it for some reason isnt retaining the chip info...

thanks for any help guys
Make sure the battery is not dead or dying. That would explain the bios changing itself over night.

The keyboard problem could be a damaged connector at the connector itself or where it connects to the MB. One good yank and the MB traces can get broken. I had one like that once.

Politely suggest your friend start saving for an upgrade. Maybe some of your old stuff at a nice mark up...

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