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Motherboard problem?



Hey everyone. Last I posted here, I was having trouble when building my computer. Now, 6 months later, Im having troubles again. Problem is, I dontknow where the trouble lies. I was burning a CD, and lost all power to the computer. I tried to boot back up, and I didnt get a feed to the monitor. I shut down and started up again, and during post up, it said "Failed due to CPU Overclocking"... I tried once more, and it booted up fine. I ran the Scandisk, etc, and went back to what I was doing. Then I got the blue screen of death, and my only choice was to power down. Only this time, it didnt come back up. Occaisonally, I would get feed to the monitor, only to be stopped by the CPU Overclock, soon though, I had nothing, not even a post up beep. Whats my problem, and how do I fix it? Im sitting here with a brand new motherboard, and a new powersupply, and its still not working. Anyone that can help?


I Was running an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe with a AMD Athlon 2800 XP with 512 DDR RAM (crucial). The new Mobo is an ASUS A7N8X X if that helps any.


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I think you are dealing with a bad CPU. A bad CPU will not let you reach the POST stage, usually. and since it seems to be the only carryover from your old mobo to your new mobo. Bad ram sticks and bad video cards will let you POST, but then it will give you a Blue Screen error.

Please make sure that your PSU, even new, is working. They have been known to show up defective right from the get go.

FIRST question - are you over clocking it? Or is that a bogus message? If you're overclocking it STOP! If not then either the CPU or MB may be hosed. Or you could have a thermal problem.

Check your CPU and MB temperatures and make sure they are 48-55 deg C and 35-40 deg C. If they are hotter check your fans for dust build up and to make sure they are turning. High speed fans need to be dusted at least once every couple of months.


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Maybe try clearing the RTC RAM. Pull out the battery, move the jumper over then back then put the battery in again. This should reset your bios settings.


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Do u hear any Fans or Drive noise? if not then its your PSU but if you do hear fans and drives then its probably a cpu problem or it could be be a setting that your BIOS doesn't like, because i had that problem where i'd turn it on and nothin would appear on the monitor so i reset the bios and everything was fine.

Hope that helps.....


Well, its not my PSU. I've tried 2 different ones, and both run fine. My fans and internal workings come on, but no feed elsewhere. The CPU Overclocking is a bogus message, as I do not OC my PCU.


I tried removing the battery, but I may have done it wrong, or not replaced it correctly. But if I did, it still doesnt work.

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