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motherboard overheating

One of my PC :
Athlon XP 2.4
Biostar M7VIW mobo
some extra fans
AGP card
PCI video card
1024 Mb DDRs
no overclocking
Last night just did some benchmarking and system check and found out that my motherboard seems to be a little overheat..52 degrees according to Sandra...what causes it ? Could it be my PSU ? A 145 watt ..:D Any replies would be much appreciated.Thanks


Your pc still runs with a 145W psu? Yes, your psu will definitely be overheating and making your case hot. Your vid card and cpu would be nearly pulling the 145 watts alone :eek: What heatsink and case fans have you got?
a normal copper heatsink and 2X80 mm fans...I tried putting in the 450 watt psu yesterday, but upon connecting it seems that my PC won't start and gives out a strange 'tic-tack' sound..and everything went haywire..so I reversed back to the old 145 watt.;I checked the 145 watt PSU and it seems that on the connector to the motherboard, the only white colored wire is missing and on the 450 watt there is ! But on the 145 watt PSU it work well.Just a question, the connector to the motherboard, are they all 'filled' or maybe just like the 145watt..no white cord attached ?
I went searching on the internet a short while ago, why are some PSUs comes with the white (-5V) cord on the ATX connector and some don't ? And why do my motherboard works with my 145 watt PSU (w/out the -5V) and doesn't on my 450 watt (the one w/out ) ?? Thanks
Since you have a 145W PSU I assume that you also have a small case (desktop, SFF or something). If this is the case then that might be the cause, small cases are often harder to keep cool (for some reason).
No..my case is a big one....but now its the ATX connector is concerning me.....as to my question in my previous thread.....anyway, I'll try to change the PSU tomorrow with another one ., a 350 watt and see what happen next....but my main question is still why there a PSUs with and w/out that white -5V cord ?

Is your case an AT case or an ATX case?

The AT case is a very old style that used a different power supply type (AT instead of ATX). The AT power supply had to have 115V run from the power cord to the switch then back to the power supply.

The ATX case just uses a momentary push button for the power switch which connects to the motherboard and sends a signal to the power suplly to turn on.

If your case has 115V power line going to the switch it will not work with the new ATX power supplies. The ATX power supply will not start up.

You could modify the case or get a new one. The easiest way to modify the case would be to connect the reset button to the power on header on the motherboard instead of the reset header.


You could buy a larger AT style power supply if you can still find one. They have been getting scarce. Make sure the power supply has ATX style connectors. Some old AT power supplies did not.
My case is an ATX but..but...I've solved the problem !! It's my PSU.The 450 watt must have been something wrong with it even though it is still working...it power up but won't start.I've change my PSU to a spare 350 watt and it works all fine...now have to start shopping for a 'spare' 550 watt..;) Thanks everyone for the replies..
**it seem like my 145 watt is for m ATX , that could be the reason why it doesn't have that -5V cord.

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