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motherboard fan kickin the bucket?


A fan on my motherboard has started making a lot of noise. I was wondering what would cause this. Is it about to die?
I think its special for my motherboard the GA-8IPE1000 series. If i have to buy another one would a local place have it or would i have to order from somewhere?


yes i will in the morning. I am not sure what a north bridge fan is. Its the fan located under the CPU about 1in x 1in.


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it probably looks like this:

Firstly: I'd make sure no wires etc. are touching it and that it is the source of the noise.

Secondly: It looks to have some room around it and shouldn't be too hard to replace (though you'll probably have to remove the motherboard - no fun). Any decent shop geared for the enthusiast should have the parts (forget about the stores that just resell what others assemble).

Thirdly: If you do have to replace it just make sure every part goes back in the same spot it came from (with thermal grease if required). If you're lazy you could just grab a pair of pliers and yank out the pins but that would mean breaking them - and perhaps other things.

On second thought - FORGET ALL THAT - remove and replace just the fan - four screws, one connector (It looks like a standard 40mm - though you might have to splice the wires for the connector).


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Well from the model of MoBo he has posted, it doesn't have a NorthBridge fan.

And the Pro version doesn't seem to have one either.

I did find a Pro-G version and the image of that one does show a NorthBridge Fan.

Anyway... most computer shops/stores sell universal NorthBridge Fans. Just check around and try to find one close to the same design.

You could also e-mail Gigabyte and see if they sell replacement fans.
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