Motherboard dead. Anything I can check?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Glaanieboy, Aug 17, 2004.

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    I got a server with an Asus A7A266 motherboard and it died on me this weekend, after swapping the SD-ram memory module for a PC2100 DDR-ram memory module. The weird thing is, it ran fine for a couple of hours after installing the PC2100 module, when it died in the middle of the night, no warnings or beeps or whatever. Then I turned it back on, ran fine for 2 hours and then died again, this time it stayed dead.
    What have I tried:
    - Readding the SD-RAM module (of course taking out the DDR module)
    - Stripping down the PC to it's bare parts (CPU, cooler, memory, PSU) and then try to start, nothing.
    - Taking out the battery, unplug the PSU and let it rest for a couple of hours, letting the BIOS reset (it doesn't have a jumper to do so). Then plug everything back in, including the battery and still no workie :(
    - Changing the PSU, but it turned out to be fine.

    There is a little light on the mainboard, indicating it's in standby mode, and that light burned normally. Even the light on the networkcard burned when I plugged in the networking cable, so there just can't be a power issue.

    I am worried there may have been some sort of overheating (though the temps were fine, 45-55 degrees C for the CPU and 35-40 C for the system), so I also checked the northbridge and southbridge for visual indications of overheating. I also unplugged the CPU to check it, but it seems fine (though I don't have another system to check it on). The rest of the chips and capacitators seem fine too.

    Does anyone have an idea for something else to check for before I take it to the local computershop tomorrow?
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    No beep codes at all?

    I would pull the MB out of the case, take out the ram , leave the cpu in, connect the case speaker and connect the MB to a power supply. Turn it on and see what beep codes you get (you should get one for memory) . If no beep codes the MB or CPU is dead.

    If you get codes, install ram try again, then video try again until you isolate the problem.

    I pull the MB because sometimes the MB traces will short to the case and it's a lot easier to work on out of the case.
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    now I happen to know this went to a shop - what happened tho'? That I do not know....!